Aromatic rice salad

Recipe by Michele

insalata di riso

Summer is getting closer and the dishes on our table are changing at the same time. Michi and I, we are always inventing and looking for recipes of rice, barley, bulgur wheat, cuscus and so on and so forth.
With this recipe you will make a rice salad different from the classic one with tuna, mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes etc ect, its’ a version with more special and more aromatic ingredients.
If you don’t like parboiled rice try with a basmati, the outcome will be certainly just as much good..
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Sunset in Pamukkale

Our itinerary in Turkey starts from the stunning UNESCO site of Pamukkale, which is famous for its white travertine terraces formed by a natural phenomenon that can be admired in few places in the world.
We just needed to google Pamukkale and see a few pictures to understand that we did not want to miss this stop.
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Christmas 2014 make-up ideas…let yourself be inspired!

No need to spend many words to talk about make-up trends for Christmas 2014. The main themes launched by the various cosmetic brands are more or less the same every year: gold, red, glitter and the timeless smoky-eyes for new Year’s Eve.
what changes is mainly color matching and eyeshadows application method.
Chanel and Dior looks are more on gray/silver shades matched with a glossy lipstick in crimson or a more Christmassy red.
Tom Ford choice goes for a gold eyeshadow on the entire eyelid, long lashes and lips on a warm and bright red.
A more aggressive alternative is the one by YSL for New Year’s Eve: a winged eye effect made with dark brown and copper eyeshadows, shocking pink lips.
What about your make up for these Christmas holidays?
If you haven’t decided yet, here is a photo gallery with many ideas!
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Smocked salmon fillet in puff pastry crust


This dish is absolutely perfect if you have guests at home for dinner, it is not complicated but it’s refined and tasty.
In the original recipe a fresh salmon fillet is used but I replaced it with a fillet of smoked salmon. We tried both versions and we finally think the winner is the one with smoked salmon because of its stronger and more unconventional taste.
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Travelling Turkey, itinerary to discover Anatolia

collage turchia p1

Istanbul is a very charming and beautiful city, but for this time our trip will go further.
If your itinerary includes the inner areas of Anatolia region, then this article is certainly for you.
Both Michi and I were not new to the land of the Ottomans: I had already been to Istanbul several times (one of the most beautiful cities I’ve visited so far) and he had already made ​​a trip along the west coast of Turkey, so we planned a route which excluded Istanbul in favor of landscapes and outdoor experiences.
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